Thursday, 9 April 2015

MAC New Summer Limited Edition Collection: MAC WASH AND DRY COLLECTION 2015

MAC: as you may have notoced I'm not the bigest fan of MAC. There is no good reason for that. I have some products but not crazy about it. Must admit that I realy loved last years collection Aqua Alluring and I got almost all products :) 
Also this, new, upcoming collection made me think that I shoukd get it. 
First thing : packaging!!! I really don't like Macs black packaging ! It's so sad, but thise make up gonna rock the summer! Just have a look ! 
Launch Date: 
May/June 2015 

MAC Wash and Dry Summer 2015 Collection

Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder

  • Delicates – neutral deep bronze w/ fine gold shimmer
  • Golden Rinse – light brick reddish bronze w/ fine shimmer

Bronzing Powder

  • Matte Bronze
  • Refined Golden

Nail Laquer

  • Washeteria – blue green
  • Monday Blues – blue


  • Hipness
  • Crips Whites – pale tangerine w/ pearls


  • Tumble Dry – light peachy coral
  • Steam Heat – vivid yellow red
  • Creme D’Nude
  • Morange (Repromote)


  • Hot/Cold – true red
  • Laundry List – vivid orange
  • Domestic Diva – frosty watery pink
  • Girl on Board – light creme nude


  • Coin Operated – metal grey w/ silver pearl
  • Practice Makes Perfect – deep blue green
  • Colour Matters – lime
  • Sudsy – marine blue

Veluxe Pearlfusion Eyeshadow

  • Permanent Press – white beige / calm brown bronze / black w/ gold pearls
  • Green Clean – pale white green / lime / deep khaki w/ gold pearls
  • Warm Wash – white w/ orange gold pearl / peachy orange / copper gold bronze

Highlight Powder

  • Freshen Up

Makeup Bag

2 Brushes

Eye Brows

  • Stylized – brown
  • Tapered – red brown
  • Delineated – cork taupe
  • Accentuated – ashy grey brown

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