Monday, 16 March 2015

Chanel Autumn Winter makeup collection -collection Automnales and Entrelacs

It's all about Paris! the news and sneak peak of Chanel Autumn /Winter make up collection 2015 !!!! 
If there’s one brand that sets the beauty trend agenda, then it’s Chanel. Wanna know what lacquer shade you’ll be sporting soon? Look at its runway for #inspo – everyone else does. So, we reckon it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that come the end of August, a super-soft, deep taupe, exaggerated eyeshadow wing is gonna be the number one thing every beauty-loving girl’s gonna want on her face.
Here’s what Chanel used to achieve the look – it was mostly all forthcoming products.
  • Skin was prepped with the Hydra Beauty product range.
  • Foundation? Vitalumiere Aqua. Correcteur Perfection and Les Beiges powder were also used.
  • On the eyes, a forthcoming limited edition shadow quint called Entrelacs, to land as part of the autumn beauty collection, Automnales, which’ll be available in August. Ombre Essentielle in Midnight was also used (part of the forthcoming Blue Rhythm collection, from June.)
  • On the cheeks, models wore Joues Contraste in Angélique.
  • Lips? Rouge Allure in Séduisante and Le Crayon Levres in Rose Délicat from the current spring collection.
  • As for nails, they’re ones we’ve to wait for too. Precious Beige and Beige Rose form a part of the Les Beiges collection, launching in June.

Can't wait!!!!!!! :) 


  1. Cannot wait to see the full collection, eyeshadows look promising. Is it a whitish highlighter on one of the pictures?

    1. Hi Lena! It really looks great! I Don't know anything about highlighter so far! Have a great day! Xx

  2. The one on the picture is Camelia - Christmas 2014 ;)