Saturday, 31 January 2015

YSL TOUCHE ECLAT BLUR PEFECTOR New Goodies!!update! Swatch and coming out date!

The YSL beauty releases two new goodies ! 

YSL TOUCHE ECLAT BLUR PRIMER- is a new type of base. It gives a magic glow with effect of a retouch to your face. Glowing and healthy skin just in few seconds. The "blur" technology makes your skin spotless. The magic glow of Touche Eclat closed in a clear gel. Let the light make your face perfect . 
Price 45€ 

THE TOUCHE ECLAT BLUR PERFECTOR - multitasking creamy powder. For the first time YSL gives you two benefits in one product. Healthy, glowy skin plus spotless effect. You can have it in one pink product. No! It's not a blush, it won't make ypur face pink ! This is a perfecting foundation which can be use as a finishing powder or for touch ups during the day. Dermatologically tested. 
This product give a happines not only to your skin but also to your eyes. 
Price 40€ 

Coming out at 25 th of Fabruary
 !!!!!! Internationaly ! 
Now available at !

Friday, 30 January 2015

My motd ! Friday !

Today is my very lazy day! No need to rush and have some extra time to play with my goodies :) yay! 
Still testing the Clarins Instant Concealer 
in the lightest shade no 01, I will write about it later . 
My top items of today : taaadaaam 
Not too much on my face today, but just goodies :) 

Perfection Lumiere of Chanel #30 is my all tome favorite, when I need a bit more of coverage. 
Les Beiges of Chanel also #30 gives me an extra glow for all day, love it.
New in :) Dior 5eyeshadow palette in Cuir Cannage 796 is totaly amazing! Very wearable colours for everyday and evening looks. 
Eye and Brow Maestro by Giorgio Armani is my latest favorite brow product 02 wenge wood matches my brows perfectly. Gives very natural look. 
Chanel Powder Blush Joues Contraste 160 Innoncence from Fall 2014, very light and lightly pigmented blush, which is perfect to fair skin as mine is now. 
Last but not least Chanel waterproof stylo yeux long lasting eyeliner in 906 marron glacé it's a bit glittery and once blended gives very nice open eye look. 

Les Intemporels de Chanel 2015

Les Intemporels De Chanel is new and absolutely limited edition-mini collection  in tribute to Mademoiselle Chanel's 2.55 bag. The fashion house of Chanel created the eyeshadow palette and nail lacqer inspired by this timeless accessory. 
The eyeshadow palette  L’Intemporel de Chanel contains five highly pigmented eyeshadows, with the chain motif on it. 

Chanel Le Vernis Interporel - silver, metalic nail laquer is representing the colours of the chain 2.55 Chanel Iconic bag . 
This amazing two item are must have for all make up collectors out there . It will be out on the 2nd of March 2015 so far in Asia, and reselling just in Chanel's boutiques. Let's hope it will be also available for EU and US. 
*18.02.2015 the collection is available in most places of EU and US . Some counters are sold out with no restock. Hurry up if you want to get it...

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram Canvas MM

The iconic designer bag was my dream since a very long time . I was always checking some fashion magazines and famous fashion blogs, looking for famous, timeless Monogram Canvas, which was my favorite. 
And finally (!) it came my time !!! I got my first LOUIS VUITTON !!!! :)))) 
After some time of using it I would like to say couple of words about it, as i was waiting so long to have it ;) 

"Louis Vuitton celebrates the Neverfull with a new version of this iconic bag. Look inside to discover a host of refinements. The redesigned interior features a fresh textile lining and heritage details inspired by House archives. Best of all, the removable zippered clutch can be carried separately as a chic pochette or serve as an extra pocket. Linings in a selection of bright shades lend a pop of vivid color to the timeless Monogram canvas"
The Neverfull first time appeared in 2007 and straight became the most succesful LV's tote bag .The iconic Tote comes in everything from tried-and-true Monogram Canvas to bright, durable Epi Leather. 
My version of Neverfull is a new version of this iconic bag . First thing that changes is ...PRICE! Louis Vuitton does periodic price increases and regularly adds new options to its Neverfull lineup.
In 2015 price in UK 710£ 
US 1260$ 
EU 855€ via Louis Vuitton 
But for this price we are getting a cluch . 
Cluch is zipped and totaly flat which is great to carry any kind of documents, reciepts and other papers, I found it very funcional. 
The next thing is the interior, you can choose the colour you like . 5 different colours of interior will make every woman happy. 
Neverfull MM is a medium size of Neverfull bags,  it has 32x29x17cm.
I'm 178cm so I found PM too small, GM was too big for my needs. 
Neverfull is the most handy bag I have ever had. You can put there whatever you want and it will still keep it's shape. 
Some people are complaining about the bottom is geting sacky but in my point of view it's a natural way for this model. You can always find the filler or bag organiser to carry it inside. 
The vachetta leather that is seen on many Louis Vuitton bags, such as the Alma, Speedy, Houston, Tivoli, etc, has very unique properties. When a bag is new, the vachetta leather is very light in color. Over time, due to age, moisture, wear and sunlight, the leather develops a patina and deepens in color. Many people prefer the vachetta to darken to a honey color, while others love the crisp light color of new vachetta. Either way, over time, the Louis Vuitton's vachetta leather will darken. 
My LV is still to young for patina but I cant wait it will be a bit more brown! One and only way to get it is ... To Use it! 
Getting some sun tan is always a good way to get your Patina. I'm using this bag every day, without special attantions, Louis Vuitton was creating a traveling bags so I guess they suppose to resist all the conditions. Louis Vuitton Neverfull is the best bag as a first designer bag. 
If you want to get it do it as soon as possible before prices will go up! 
All photos by Me. 

Jardin de chanel blush camelia rose spring 2015

Hello !
 Camelia Rose blush from Chanel Spring 2015 make up collection Reveire Parisienne .
I think the Chanel Camelia Blush is the most known blush in the internet. 
I have seen pictures of it in early november !!! Straight after Holiday collection came out. 
After all the reviews I decided that I will skip this item as it was too light and too pricey for me . BUT my hubby is aware of my make up addiction so... He decided to make me a gift and here we are ! 💕💗💕💗💕💗
The weight of the product is 3g .
Chanel blushes are some of the smallest (by weight) blushes on the market, which then makes them one of the most expensive blushes by the ounce ($300/oz., whereas Dior blushes are $190/oz.).
But this blush is most a collectors edition.

It appears very light, it seems like it has less shern then a satinbut it's not matte. 
It's very pretty duo of pinks-light medium neutral undertones . 

It appears very nicely on the skin tones like NC25 (Mac) , product is very buildable, and much more pigmented then other chanel blushes, which makes it worth to buy. I started to use it about a week ago and the pattern is still "untouchable" 💕  the picture below shows camelia rose with camelia de plumes. Together they are makeing a nice a fresh look . 
As it was a gift I'm not supposed to know the price 😁 but I know that in our reseller was  32,50€ after 10% off Canary islands .
In US 55$ 
In UK 35£ 
Product is luxy and highend, but if you are a collector you just cant skip it. 
Pix are mine @Martusssia 
Full spring 2015 collection :

Pix of the collection  by Macava perfumeries 

Hello and welcome !!!

This is going to be my private room, to share with you guys all my passions and hobbies , which are mainly fashion and high end make up items . 
I will try to post here as oftern as I will have something interesting to say or show. 
I would like to create something more then beauty blog ...
Have a good day