Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Jardin de chanel blush camelia rose spring 2015

Hello !
 Camelia Rose blush from Chanel Spring 2015 make up collection Reveire Parisienne .
I think the Chanel Camelia Blush is the most known blush in the internet. 
I have seen pictures of it in early november !!! Straight after Holiday collection came out. 
After all the reviews I decided that I will skip this item as it was too light and too pricey for me . BUT my hubby is aware of my make up addiction so... He decided to make me a gift and here we are ! 💕💗💕💗💕💗
The weight of the product is 3g .
Chanel blushes are some of the smallest (by weight) blushes on the market, which then makes them one of the most expensive blushes by the ounce ($300/oz., whereas Dior blushes are $190/oz.).
But this blush is most a collectors edition.

It appears very light, it seems like it has less shern then a satinbut it's not matte. 
It's very pretty duo of pinks-light medium neutral undertones . 

It appears very nicely on the skin tones like NC25 (Mac) , product is very buildable, and much more pigmented then other chanel blushes, which makes it worth to buy. I started to use it about a week ago and the pattern is still "untouchable" 💕  the picture below shows camelia rose with camelia de plumes. Together they are makeing a nice a fresh look . 
As it was a gift I'm not supposed to know the price 😁 but I know that in our reseller was  32,50€ after 10% off Canary islands .
In US 55$ 
In UK 35£ 
Product is luxy and highend, but if you are a collector you just cant skip it. 
Pix are mine @Martusssia 
Full spring 2015 collection :

Pix of the collection  by Macava perfumeries 

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