Sunday, 22 February 2015

Chanel eyelash curler!!! Rewview

The curler is all black, made in Japan, and has a very lightweight feel.
The item arrives in an oversized box with two replacement pads (Chanel does not offer the pads separately).  
Note that Chanel’s pad seemed to have slightly more “give” than the Shiseido version, which is harder. 
I needed this one as some of my lashes are undisciplined and I wanted them to be all together nicely curled. 
It was cery difficult to find this curler but I asked the lady at my Chanel's counter to order it for me. 
Its very lightweight the shape will match most of the eyes, also Asian eyes with no problem. It not breaking or damaging natural lashes, which is amazing!
After previous curlers my lashes were in very bad shape. 
This is also very elegant look and oerfect gift for beauty lover. You can still find it on ebay and sone online beauty stores! Totalllyyyy recomended ! 
Some pix of my lashaddiction! 

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