Thursday, 19 February 2015

Giorgio Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara review

"Giorgio Armani Beauty revealed the must-have mascara for an intense gaze: Black Ecstasy. A multi-effect mascara in deep shades with a lacquered red wand. 

Gracefully thicker, denser and longer lashes: the Giorgio Armani Beauty innovation sculpts high-definition lashes. The gaze becomes deep and mysterious"
I have bought this mascara in October 2014  in Sephora /Paris/Champs Elysees, after a demonstration of an Armani SA. Must say I was very happy for the result it gave me - at the begining. 
Mascara is not clumping and not flaking for all day of wearing it. I loved the effect of no clump lashes! 
But it's very waterish! I had to leave it open for sometime to make it a bit dry! Otherwise it takes ages for it to dry up on your lashes :( 
Colour is black but not as deep as you would expect, it gives natural look with no drama in it. I have long and thick lashes and this one is not giving any shocking effect for me. The plastic brush makes them a bit longer but not thicker. 
It's definately contact lenses friendly mascara, my eyes are sensitive and i had no problems at all with it. 
But still I'm loving mascaras which are buildable and giving you this...dramatic look!
After puting 2 coats it's  starting to create a "spiders legs". Doesn't look good at all. After 5 months of using it every day I can tell, we are friends but it's time for us to see others ! :) 

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