Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Poudre limited edition

It's out and it's stunning !!! 
Guerlain released new and limited edition of famous bronzer Terraccota. 
It's a must have for a summer to give your skin natural glow . 
Beautiful Complexion Powder Terracotta comes in 4 soft and sweet harmonies to delight all skin tones : 
000 Blond Clair 
001Brunettes Claires 
002 Blond Naturel 
003 Brunette Naturelle 

Guerlain reinvents Bonne Mine.
A single powder but ideally composed of two complementary shades. 

Its warm hue: A light bronzing powder, lighter than the legendary Terracotta bronzer. Its pigments are soft and work in harmony with the skin to radiate but  never overcharging.
Coloura are pinks and apricots for BlLonder and Brunettes mixed with the bronzing powder giving the skin hint of fresh colour and glow.
Legendary Terracotta bronzer is moisturizing and smoothing for the best and radiant skin. 
Mix the two colors in a circular motion and apply the powder on the face, following the Gestural 3 Guerlain: the forehead to the chin cheeks to recreate the brilliance of the first rays of sun ... The pink or apricot settles on the cheekbones for added freshness.
*pardon my french -translating from french is not my best skill, hope you enjoyed :) 

Price 45€ out now in french Sephora 
Rest of EU 14 February 
U.S. 16 February 

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