Sunday, 15 February 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Perles'd Azur

This is my special post about product I desired since a long time... I missed it back in 2012 summer collection-limited edition) and was hoping to find it since back then. 
Luckly I have the best husband, who was able to get it for me on Valentine's day ! Yay!

Meteorites Perles'd azur, this thing drives me crazy! I love them so much! Colours are amazing especialy for summer! And I'm crazy for tge package, it's so cute! 
I have also the Guerlain Emilio Pucci brush, which is typical Meteorites brush but this time it's navy blue and brown. 
I'm sure that this babies are still available in some online shops and ebay. Love them so much. 

"This is an illuminating powder that delivers pure radiance. This gorgeous little pearls brightens my complexion with natural glow. Its a must-have multi-colored little pearls are adopting their summer wardrobe encased in Pucci-adorned packaging. Meteorites Perles D'azur is also enriched with a corrective blue pearl to create a flawless complexion. Formulated like the classic Météorites Perles, the Perles d'Azur beautifully adapts to the demands of the sun by combining six colors that even out and correct every skintone"
5 different colours of pearls in slightly different textures, to perform different functions:-
  • White – shimmer pearls for highlighting
  • Bright Blue – slight shimmer, tones down yellow tones
  • Pink – matte, tones down yellow tones and brightens skintone
  • Beige – matte, warms the complexion
  • Orange – slight shimmer, warms the complexion
  • Light gold – shimmer, adds warm glow to the complexion.                              
  • This combination is perfect for summer time to give a raduance and glow to sunkissed skin. Effect is fantastic! But also during to colder and sunless days it gives a touch of sun to it.
This second collaboration between Guerlain and Emilio Pucci draws its inspiration from Italy in the summertime, adorns delightful sunny shades and burst of vibrant colours. The motif is inspired by Emilio Pucci iconic print, "Winter Capri". The Terra Azzurra Summer 2012 Collection was simply spectacular. 
The colors were joyful! mixing earth tones, sea and sunshine, lets hope that upcoming summer collection will be as sunny as blue earth of Capri. 

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